The world of law and the legal profession is also about to be shaken by the arrival of innovation that the 21st century brings. Artificial Intelligence is one of the technologies that has been most talked about in the United States for months, along with the blockchain or the new energies of the future.Now it’s

Economic forecasts point to rapid growth of the United States economy during this year 2021. When the coronavirus crisis is not over and there are regions of the world that seem to worsen, the two great global economic giants show signs of strength and rapid expansion.The Chinese recovery seems to be followed by that of

A business model is the general plan of operation of the company within its market.If you’re not sure where to start, tools like the Business Model Canvas guide you through decisions by segmenting the model into key parts of operations, where the company conducts business, sources of revenue and cost structure, partners or external vendors,

Many people mistakenly believe that deductibles apply directly to the amount you owe to the IRS at the end of the tax return, which is not true.Every company has expenses to comply with its operations, the IRS allows you to report many of these expenses to reduce the income that you must declare, it is

A corporate stamp (also known as a company stamp) is a special stamp customized for your company. It can be used to record particular documents with details about your company.Although company stamps do add a level of formality to important company documents.What information is included in a corporate seal?A corporate seal typically includes:The name of

Although there is much involved in the process of establishing an LLC, an operating agreement takes an additional step in defining its moving parts.Essentially, the operating agreement is a contract between the members of the LLC that stipulates their membership, management, operation, and distribution of the company’s income.It documents the roles, responsibilities, rights, and relationships