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Why is Bitrix24 the best option compared to other CRM's?

Bitrix 24 not only has CRM capacity, Bitrix24 represents an innovation in terms of control and automation of operations of any company.

Attending to the needs of the more than 8,000,000 companies that have used Bitrix24 since 2012, a multipurpose platform has been developed to optimize the management of their business units.

Regardless of whether you are a small business or a large multinational corporation, Bitrix24 adapts to your needs, enhancing the results of your company.


Streamline internal communications and foster the spirit of collaboration


Helps you understand who is doing what, improves transparency, and distributes workload more effectively


From Lead to Deal, full sales cycle CRM and marketing automation platform


Real-time customer support solutions

web AND ecommerce

Beautiful websites and landing pages that help you sell more

Bitrix24 is a complete set of communication and social collaboration tools for your company.

With Bitrix24 your team stays focused on getting results that drive smarter decisions!

What makes Bitrix24 an amazing tool for businesses?

The beauty of Bitrix24 is that all of these individual tools are conveniently packaged into a single online service, seamlessly integrated with each other, and available through a standard version of the browser, desktop app, or mobile app.

Project and task management, an excellent tool for remote work.

Whether you are a major software developer or a small law firm, you will have so much fun executing projects on Bitrix24 because it is super easy and optimized to the point of perfection.

Create workgroups, assign project roles, set tasks with deadlines, follow task updates through notifications, monitor work progress in real time, and get reports from your teammates.

Choose from a variety of project management methodologies (Kanban, Gantt chart, etc.) or simply organize tasks the way you want.

For large teams, we have a time clock and a shift schedule, which allow effective time management that brings order and stability to processes that tend to become chaotic

The Bitrix24 Mobile App
Complements and improves the desktop version.

Our mobile application compresses the Bitrix24 desktop experience into a comfortable and pleasant format with all the details highlighted.

You can run projects, work on tasks, type in chats, make video calls, share files, manage work hours, and do just about anything you need to do to ensure a smooth workflow.

Unlimited collaboration.
Anywhere, anytime

It's like Facebook, but for work.

With Bitrix24, you can communicate with your colleagues and discuss projects through chats, comments, video calls, and conferences.

Do you want to share your thoughts on a particular task?

Post them in the comments below that task. Have an idea that you would like to discuss with your team? Create a video conference.

Each member of your team has a personalized activity stream where they can follow project updates, company news, and announcements.

While working on a project, you can create, edit and share files securely using our Bitrix24.Drive cloud storage.

CRM Your company's revenue machine

CRM is the jewel in the Bitrix24 crown, our most advanced, innovative, and comprehensive business tool.

Besides the obvious (lead management), our CRM is jam-packed with customer support and marketing automation features. Use sales funnel and pipeline management to streamline your sales process.

Generate repeat sales and run marketing campaigns via Facebook, Google Ads, email, messengers, and other platforms. In our Sales Intelligence center, you can track and analyze all the actionable metrics from your marketing campaigns.

Basically, Bitrix24 can do almost anything when it comes to sales and marketing except… well, the selling itself. However, you will find that, with our CRM, selling products and working with customers is as easy and convenient as it gets.

Built to impress

What if we told you that you could create a beautiful website from scratch, get a custom domain name and free hosting - all without having to write a single line of code?

Well, “Bitrix24.Sites” gives you just that. And a bit more.

Create beautiful websites, SEO-friendly landing pages, and fully-functional online stores in less than 30 minutes using our website builder.

Choose from dozens of industry-specific templates and customize them to your liking in our block-based editor.

Hook up your newly created e-shop to our CRM store and accept payments online. Manage your sales, product stock, and deliveries using our simple yet intuitive interface. It may sound like magic but that’s exactly what it is.

Contact center, Always in touch

Communicating with customers is easy when you have a lot of tools to choose from.

First and foremost, it’s our super-handy live chat, which you can enable for your website and interact with your customers 24/7 using our canned replies and smart routing system.

Second, it’s our online PBX and VoIP telephony, which turns your sales department into a full-fledged online call center. Inbound, outbound, call recording, IVR, and call routing are all available to you within Bitrix24. 

Finally, it’s the social networks and messengers you can use to engage with your customers on Facebook, Messenger, Instagram, Skype, Telegram, Viber, and other platforms.

Bitrix24 On-Premise Edition

Besides the cloud-based version, we also have a On-Premise edition of Bitrix24. This means that you can host Bitrix24 on your own servers, giving you full control over your data and who can access it.

The self-hosted local version gives you direct access to the source code, making it fully customizable to your liking.

The local edition is a great choice for organizations with 50-50,000 employees, with a multi-department structure and strict data security requirements.

  • Access to source code
  • Flat rate
  • API access
  • Active Directory integration
  • Linux, Windows, Mac servers
  • Ready for Amazon / Azure
  • Rapid deployment
  • Works with mobile and desktop applications.

What people say about our solution

"Thanks to Bitrix24 our work will be even more efficient"

"At Caloryfrio we were looking for a new CRM that, in addition to accommodating our sales and billing management needs, would also allow us to manage teams and work in a simple and operational way. Thanks to Bitrix24 our work will be even more efficient"

Myriam Doria

Director of Technological Innovation, Content Creator
Caloryfrio.com s.l.

"Thank you for creating an easy-to-use program that meets the needs of many small business owners."

"At Artistic Closets we were looking for a software for 6 months that would integrate several programs into one for our custom closet company.

We came across Bitrix24 and decided that this was the program we were looking for "

We are in the initial setup phase and we strongly believe that it best suits our needs. It's very easy to use, reasonably priced, and can be enhanced with other built-in programs to meet our growing needs.

Denise Cintron
Owner / Operator, Artistic Closets Inc.

"We were convinced by the clear and logical structure of Bitrix24, as well as the many integration options with other software."

k-webs Internet Consulting is an online consulting, web development and marketing agency located in Basel, Switzerland. We were looking for a system that was powerful and affordable at the same time, a system that met our requirements for scalable CRM and project management tools.

We were convinced by the clear and logical structure of Bitrix24, as well as the multiple integration options with other software. We are looking forward to working with Bitrix24.

Peter Krummenacher

CEO, k-webs GmbH - Internet Consulting

"Bitrix24 is a great collaboration tool, every day, the staff posts their to-do list in the activity stream and this helps generate accountability"

"Cloud storage has been useful as a vault for documents that everyone needs to access, even when off-site; however, cloud storage and activity stream are not the only Bitrix24 tools it uses. the organization.

Calendars, document management, HRMS and tasks are essential parts of the organization's processes, there is certainly more cohesion in the team, faster access to documents and a smooth workflow with Bitrix24.

As we are a small non-profit organization, we couldn't afford a personalized intranet and then we heard about Bitrix, it was just what we needed and we never looked back. "

Harrison Mungai
Executive director at iServe África

"Thanks to Bitrix24 we were able to improve our coordination."

"Thanks to Bitrix24 we were able to improve our coordination. In the planning of complex works, which involved different jobs and required the optimization of resources, technical, human and material, it allowed us to concatenate them to avoid downtime thanks to efficient work planning that It allowed the creation of a work agenda visible to all.

It improved our coordination, saving us investments in time and money. "

Facundo Pacheco

CEO, Cazafugas, MX

The representatives of the wonderful team of "Ingenieros Sin Fronteras - Núcleo Viçosa"
Nina Ferracioli (General Manager), Daniel Teperino (Quality Manager) and João Gabriel (Fundraising Advisor) shared their experience with Bitrix24.

Nina Ferracioli
General Director Engineers Without Borders - Núcleo Viçosa


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Sites and CRM to grow your business

Rock-solid CRM

Rock-solid project management

Advanced business tool suite

Unlimited business tool suite

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Online store

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CRM marketing

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